Latest News January 2012
Calendars updated for 2012
The Diaries are back. Updated for 2012 -Different versions added - find them - here
Latest News January 2011
Calendars updated for 2011
The hexadecimal calendar is back for 2011
New Date Gadget to display date in Welsh added this year
Search engine updated Jan 2011
The Diaries are back. Different versions added - find them - here

Micromountain gets over 82,000 visitors and 2.6 million hits in 2010

This is an increase of more than 10% on last year's figures.


Micromountain gets over 75,000 visitors and 2.3 million hits in 2009


This is a 15% increase (approx) on our 2008 figures below

Search engine last updated Jan 2011



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