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How do you find the second Thursday in a month? - or the third Tuesday etc

This is a screenshot of part of the worksheet with a brief explanation below.

You can download the file in Office 2003 format by clicking this link.

Two different versions are included.

You can use a table format or calculate individual dates.

Both use the same formula .


This first date of the month goes into column A. The day in column B is only shown for reference and is not important.
The formula for row 5 would be

N is the number that you want 1= first, 2 = second etc: DayNum means that Sunday = 1, Monday=2 etc


The individual version uses defined ranges from columns Q, R and S which would be off screen - you could put them on a seperate sheet.

A couple of simple error checkin routines using IF statements are shown below the individual calculator version