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Interlinked drop down lists in Excel

This is a screenshot of the worksheet with a brief explanation below.

You can download the file in Office 2003 format by clicking this link.

I have defined one range called Categories which is made up of the Titles (Cells B1 to E1)

I have defined another 4 ranges using the Titles as Range Names.

(e.g. the range 'Chairs' is defined as the set of cells B4 to B8


Cell B18 uses Data Validation to create a dropdown using the name Categories as a source


Cell D18 uses Data Validation to create a dropdown using =INDIRECT($B$18) as a source



I've added some code to the sheet to clear the second cell (D18) on change of first (B18).

You do this by right clicking on the sheet's tab and then choosing View Code

Macros must be enabled for this to work properly.

If macros are not enabled or if you choose not to add this code then the spreadsheet works

- but the second box will not clear when you change your choice in the first.