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A simple downloadable HTML website

This is a simple, working website written in HTML using notepad.

It will give you a chance to experiment with simple code and content on your local machine.

Read the rest of this page before you start

   1. You can download all the required files by clicking this link.

   2. Spare rollover images and pages are provided.

   3. All addressing is absolute. If you move the folder you'll have to re-write the code.

   4. You'll need to create a folder called testweb on your C drive for it to work properly
      The folder path therefore is C:\testweb


   5. There should be two folders - called pages and assets in your new testweb folder.

   6. Images always go into the assets folder.

   7. All pages (except the index.html page) go into the pages folder

   8. If you upload it to a webserver the rollover buttons may not preload (work) properly

   9. If images will not pre-load you will need to use javascript or css techniques