Version 1.
The program works by sending virtual key codes to PS.
It should always float on top of your other windows, can be re-sized and minimised to the taskbar.
It does not contain all the functions found on the full PS toolbar but we've added three buttons that we use frequently to Select (sends Ctrl-T) to Escape (sends Esc - used to deselect Ctrl-T) and Deselect (sends Ctrl -D to deselect the 'marching ants' selections)
Where a PS tool has multiple (hidden) tools you can cycle through the tools available by clicking on the small box to the right of the tool symbol. You can tell which tool is active by looking at the top left corner of the PS window. If there's no small box then there are not multiple tools.
This is a program file. Please virus check before use.
Download the .exe file here

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