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When using Photoshop most of the screen is often obscured by the palettes. So we set up keyboard shortcuts to switch between different palette arrangments (workspaces). We then wrote this short program to switch between the workspaces without using the keyboard. The program is designed to sit out of the way on the PS title bar - but you can drag it anywhere you wish.

There are of course, as with most things in PS, other ways of doing this.

How it works - four steps
If you would like a step by step tutorial on how to do this please click here

1. We suggest you set up a new shortcuts file and call it SwaPalShortcuts

2. You need to set up 3 workspaces. We suggest you call them ....

SwaPalA for your default palette arrangement

SwaPalB for your clear screen or no palette arrangement

SwaPalC for an alternative arrangement

All your workspaces must use the same shortcuts file (SwaPalShortcuts)

3. You'll also need to set up 3 keyboard shortcuts in your shortcuts file (SwaPalShortcuts) namely

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + A for your default palette arrangement (To load workspace SwaPalA)

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + B for your clear screen or no palette arrangement (To load workspace SwaPalB)

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + C for an alternative arrangement (To load workspace SwaPalC)

You must use these combinations otherwise the program will not work


4. Download the program from here and run it


OR if you would like a copy like this

with control sequences instead of palette name download SwaPal2 here

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