SwaPal FAQ's


SwaPal doesn't work with my workspace.

The program only works when you choose the workspaces SwapalA, SwapalB or SwapalC because these are the only workspaces set up to use the SwapalShortCuts settings.

If it doesn't work with the 3 defined workspaces load each one in turn - check that it's set up to use the SwaPalShortcuts file and then resave the workspace.

Can I use the shortcuts file with other workspaces ?

You can use the SwaPalShortcuts file with other workspaces provided that you ignore the 3 control sequences that we've used and don't allow your new workspace to overwrite the SwapalShortCuts file settings.

Can I add other shortcuts to the SwaPalShortcuts file?

You can add any other shortcuts that you wish to the SwapalShortCuts file so long as you don't use the three key sets Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A, Ctrl+Shift+Alt+B or Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C

I didn't set up the third workspace - can I do it now?

If you did not set up the SwapalC workspace at the same time as SwapalA and SwapalB then you can do so at a later date. It's easiest to start your setup of SwapalC from either SwapalA or SwapalB. Don't forget to add the shortcut to SwapalC to the shortcuts file SwapalShortCuts.

What if I don't like the workspace / shortcut filenames?

You can call your workspaces and shortcut file by any name you wish - we've chosen the names above to help avoid confusion but the program only sends the code sequences noted above so you must choose the same shortcut codes (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A etc) as us.

Does the program alter Photoshop?

No - all it does is send the virtual key codes to Photoshop that you've programmed into the shortcuts

I want to use the key sequences for something else - can I get an unlabelled copy

For this version - click here


Does SwaPal work with other programs?

No it only works with PS

Do I need to virus check it?

We check our PCs and our servers for viruses regulary - but please virus check it yourself before you use it. If you've downloaded the program from another site it may be infected. As an additional check the program size should be 381952 Bytes.

Is the program safe to use?

As far as we know it is - but it's provided on an 'as is' basis. That means you use it at your own risk .

What about copyright?

There isn't any - it's freeware.

Can I redistribute it?

Yes provided you don't alter the code or charge for it.


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